Wish you had more confidence creating natural body care products?

Let me share my simplified process with you.

Do you want to reduce exposure to harmful toxins?

Making your own body care products is a great way to do that!

It's also an enjoyable hobby that's creative and practical. 

Once you develop these skills you can make products for yourself, create gifts for your loved ones, and impress your friends (seriously, it's so much fun when they ask, "did you make that?" and you can say, "Yes!").

No more hunting for reliable recipes, wondering if an essential oil is safe, or which ingredients are best to use. It's all inside the Natural Body Care Club.

I test and tweak recipes in my kitchen until they are just right, then share them with you via step-by-step tutorial and video instruction. 

The Natural Body Care Club makes non-toxic personal care items so simple, anyone can do it! 


What is the Natural Body Care Club?

It's not an online course, it's an experience.

The Natural Body Care Club is the ultimate resource for learning to create natural body care products with confidence and ease.

The entire program is designed to make things as simple as possible, while also providing the very best information and guidance. 

It's an online library packed with workshops, tutorials, video lessons, ebooks and recipe guides. 

When you sign up for the Natural Body Care Club you get immediate access to lessons, recipes, and printable guides.

I'll provide you with step-by-step tutorials, informational webinars, and load your resource library with all the information you'll need to make natural body care confidently. 

Everything  is at your fingertips in the club portal and you can access it at any time. 

Just think of all the trips to the store you care forgo! 

And all the lovely, unique gifts you can make for friends and family. 

The Natural Body Care Club will save you time and money while providing tons of fun! 


What's inside the Natural Body Care Club?

In short: everything you need to make luxurious, yet simple, natural body care products that work! Want more details? Read on...

Resource Library

An extensive resource library provides in-depth information to help you select ingredients, take care of your skin, and evaluate your personal care routine.   

Technique Tutorials

Certain techniques are confusing, but understanding them makes projects so much easier! I've created videos demonstrating specific techniques so you know exactly what to do. 


The club is loaded with multiple workshops related to various areas of natural body care. There's so much information in the club, you'll have projects to keep you busy for many months to come! More details below. 

Exclusive Member Discounts

Get 20% off Mountain Rose Herbs

Just for being a member of the Natural Body Care Club.

Mountain Rose Herbs is the go-to place for natural body care supplies.

If you've ever searched for a discount code, you know it's almost impossible to find one. 

BUT, our members get an exclusive 20% off code to use until Dec. 31, 2020! 

With this type of savings, the club pays for itself! 


How Does The Club Work?

Here are all the deets...

The club is already loaded with mini-classes, tutorials, ebooks, and ingredient guide, but new content will continue to be added for the next three months. 

This means, you will continue to get classes and printable guides from now until May at no additional cost!

Once you sign up for the club you'll receive an email with access instructions. This includes your username and password. 

You can then login to the portal and access your lessons. 

Once you login you can:

Browse the Ingredient Glossary

Learn about clays, salts, waxes, butters, oils, and more! 

This is a great place to dive in once you've mastered a few simple techniques so you can further customize your homemade products to suit your needs and preferences. 


Learn Simple Techniques  

The Techniques and Tutorials sections houses mini-classes and courses on various topics so you can get started right away.

We'll cover basics like lip balm, body scrubs, bath soaks, body butter, and more.

We even demystify the lotion-making process. 

Classes include video lessons and printable recipes.

In the coming months I'll be adding classes on basic facial care, bath bombs, balms, salves, and more.

The learning portal is already loaded with the following lessons:

  • Body Scrubs
  • Bath Salts, Teas, and Soaks
  • Body Butter
  • Lip Balm
  • Herb-Infused Oil
  • Using Essential Oils Safely in Natural Body Care
  • Quick and Easy Homemade Gifts
  • Lotions and Creams
  • Medicinal Body Care
  • Bath Bombs
  • DIY Spa Night
  • Face Masks
  • Facial Serums
  • And more!

Extra classes will be added according to student needs (the benefit of being a founding member is you get to have input on what those classes will be!).  

Just think how much fun it will be to dig into these resources and create unique natural body care products for yourself and your family. 

I can't wait for you to join us!  


Special price for founding members!

Get Access to the Natural Body Care Club for just $67

Ditch the chemicals, have fun, and gain confidence in creating your own body care products 
without breaking the bank.


About the Instructor

Stacy Karen began creating natural body care products shortly after her first child was born 17 years ago. 

After many experiments and trial and error, Stacy has figured out how to simplify products creation to make the most effective products with the least amount of stress. 

She studied Botanical Skincare Formulation through Vintage Remedies, Herbalism though The Herbal Academy of New England, and is currently completing her Aromatherapy Certification thorough Aromahead

Her greatest passion is teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle without the overwhelm. 

"If I had to choose one person for you to follow and learn when it comes to DIY skin care products, it would be Stacy Karen. Her videos are professional, she gets right to the point, she shows you step by step how to make the product, and she gives you plenty of "do this instead of that because ..." "

Renee Harris
MadeOn: Skin Care

You also get these:

In addition to classes and tutorials, I've also included these existing ebooks and courses in the club.

Using Essential Oils in Natural Body Care Class

This 45-minute audio lesson and printable recipe guide teaches how to use essential oils safely when creating homemade products. 

Essential oils should be used carefully and it's important to know how to select and dilute them correctly. 

$12.95 - Included in the club.

Body Butter eCourse

Learn to make luxurious body butter with full access to my Body Butter ecourse.

$12.97 - Included in the club.

DIY Face Masks and Scrubs ebook

Learn to create nourishing face masks and scrubs for all skin types. 

$5.95 - included in the club.

The Calendula Guidebook

Learn to use this skin-loving herb to create natural body care products, baby care products, home remedies, and more. 

$9.95 - included in the club.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Member of the Natural Body Care Club, you get access to a private learning portal that includes video-based lessons, text-based lessons, printable guides, recipes, and workshops. 


The learning portal is already loaded with the following lessons teaching you about:

  • Body Scrubs
  • Bath Salts, Teas, and Soaks
  • Body Butter
  • Lip Balm
  • Herb-Infused Oil
  • Using Essential Oils Safely in Natural Body Care
  • Quick and Easy Homemade Gifts
  • How to make Lotions and Creams
  • Medicinal Body Care (simple home remedies for sore muscles, colds and flu, and wound healing)

Upcoming classes include:

  • Facial Serums
  • Natural Hair Treatments
  • Bath Bombs
  • DIY Spa products
  • And more!

Extra classes will be added according to student needs (the befit of being a founding member is you get to have input on what those classes will be!). 

Founder Members get access to the club for a one-time cost of $67.

I honestly considered making this a membership site with monthly fee, but  I don't like monthly fees and figured you probably don't either! 

The price will be raised in the coming months, but you will always have access to the club at no additional cost. 

No. This is a digital program. All classes, lessons, printables, and guides are provided online in a digital format. 

These can all be accessed through the learning portal, and may be downloaded to your computer if you choose.

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